The difference between "No" and "Go!"


Have you ever tried - or even thought about - buying a Minneapolis home and for one reason or another, it was a 'no-go?'  There are common challenges many potential Minneapolis homebuyers face:  


  • I don't have a much for a down payment
  • I don't have money to pay for closing costs. 
  • My credit score is good, but not great.  

There are many options for people who don't have the traditional ten or twenty-percent down payment:  


People who own Minneapolis homes have a net worth of 31 to 46% higher than people who rent according to the U.S. Federal Reserve. Housing dollars are the biggest monthly expense for most people - why not put your money to work for your future?  Let's talk about how FHA or RD financing may be able to turn your "no" into a "GO!"