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Executing Our Value driven Approach

Devised from our 20 years of personal real estate investing experience — We treat your home like an investment.

Protecting you from making fundamental mistakes, costing you thousands.

While at the same time executing our approach with our experienced team of designers, contractors and digital marketers. Our Approach is proven to give your home a competative edge.

You can’t control a lot of things—real estate market trends, mortgage interest rates, lending requirements, what your neighbors home sold for—but what you can control makes all the difference in how much extra profit you will collect from the sale of your home.

Our Promise To You

In everything we do, we believe our community, clients and purpose driven team come first. We believe in honesty, respect and treating others like they want to be treated. We put people first by giving to our community and providing a practical, results driven, documented approach. We just happen to be real estate experts... how can we help you?
— Metropolitan Home Team - Code of Conduct

Purpose Driven

At Metropolitan Home Team, we believe executing our approach with a purpose. Defines who we are. What we do. More importantly what we don’t do.

Because Metropolitan Home Team is a direct reflection of each team member’s execution of our guiding principles.

Our approach is simple: “Execute our proven approach with purpose, based on our guiding principles and profit will follow.”


Client Protection

At Metropolitan Home Team, we believe each team member fulfills no greater purpose than protecting the welfare of our client’s.

With a passion for providing superior results and dedication to hard work. Our client’s sleep well at night.

Our industry is one built on ego and selfish action. We, at Metropolitan Home Team, are committed to you.

Because doing the “Right Thing” always “Wins.”


CommunitY Centric

At Metropolitan Home Team, we believe in the quote by Winston Churchill, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Giving back. Dedication to being an inspiring leader driven to build authentic relationships. Self-awareness to know and accept… We are all human.

These are just a few of our fundamental principles. Because one can only strive to serve if they are lucky enough to have a community supporting them.

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Feeling stressed about selling your home?

Not sure how you should prepare your home to received maximum profit…

Not confident about every agent saying the same thing. Knowing there must be a better way…

Listen to your gut. You’re Right!

The traditional approach to selling real estate leaves you second guessing. Too many needless price reductions. To much sensless waiting. You don’t have time for that.

Our Value-Driven Approach utilizes over 20 years of real estate investing experience to get you maximum profit. We believe hidden value is in every home on the market. It’s our job to find it. With the help of our expert team. Trained in our Value-Driven Approach. We are able to extract additional profit from your home… for you. While preventing you from making fundamental mistakes, costing you thousands. Click on “Why The Book” for more detailed information.

Find fabulous homes


real life client Experiences & stories

Buyers, Sellers, Investors & Builders

Working with metropolitan home team was a great experience. They walked us through the process and took the stress out of buying and selling. They took the time to make sure they answered all of our questions and made us feel comfortable with each step in the process. I would highly recommend!
— Beth Eckert - May 2017
We had a great experience with Tim and Diana. I would definitely recommend them. Diana was so helpful with everything. I had the power of attorney for the selling of my parents town house so things were not as easy as I was expecting. Diana made things so much easier for us.
— Jodi Hackett - June 2017
They helped my wife and I purchase our first home together. It was a long but educational process and we truly appreciate Tim and Diana’s patience and persistence. We will definitely recommend this team to our friends and family!
— Ray & Efrah Buice June 2017
Great group that works hard to get the house you want. Every time we called to look at house they set up the times and got it dialed in to get to the house first to look at it over other potentials buyers. Very helpful when your buying in a hot market!
— Landon Moyer -- August 2017
Metropolitan Home team was there for me through the whole process of selling my home as well as buying a new home. They were always available when I had questions and got the best price on both properties.
— Mary Mellenbruch -- October 2017
Tim Murphy and his processor Diana were both fantastic to work with and made a stressful relocation bearable. From educating me on the market to walking me through all of my options. They are true professionals and Tim is a real estate market expert. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a realtor to work with Tim and Diana.
— Kristina, March 2016
From the get go, Ryan and MHT team made sure we understood the home buying process as first time home buyers. Ryan Thiesen went above and beyond by scheduling a viewing within 12 hours notice. To the very end, it was Ryan advocating for us.
— Sue D., December 2015
Metropolitan Home Team. Diana and Time were AWESOME.

The communication was excellent between Tim, Diana and my wife and I. We were a little under water on our property and Tim worked with everyone tirelessly to help us come up with a deal that would work for us and the buyer. I know this was not a high dollar sale however this team worked just as hard as if it was a multi-million dollar sale. We no longer live in the area making several things difficult to say the least. They helped us line up quotes for painting and general handyman services. They have an EXCELLENT contact for staging the entire property with a lower cost that you will find anywhere! They ensured our property looked as good as it could without us even have to physically be there. I know they had our best interests in mind the entire time.
— Bryan Loudy, December 2015
This team is fantastic. We ran across them by accident and what an accident! This team is friendly, knowledgeable and cater everything to your schedule. Home buying was much easier with this group of wonderful people to help us!

I highly recommend The Metropolitan Home Team!
— Nathan, June 2015
The staff are wonderful at communication and problem solving! They are welcoming and make you feel comfortable during the whole home buying process. I highly recommend working with the Metropolitan Home Team.
— Carolyn, June 2015
Tim & Diana and their team took a scary unknown transaction, and made it pleasant. Short sales have had a negative shameful feeling about them. Tim and Diana took the sting out of it all. The Metropolitan Home Team took care of everything ! All while doing it with a personal, compassionate, professional touch. I highly recommend them if you should ever have the need to short sale or foreclose on your property. I will be using them when the time comes for me to purchase another home. Thank you both!!
— Heather Wilson, August 2015
I both sold my house and bought a new house in far less time than I expected to do either. Was very, very happy! I first met Tim about a year before I was ready to do anything and he just periodically touched base with me, so when I was ready things really moved quickly.
— Jill Hall, August 2015
Jeff and Diana were very helpful with details of both sale and purchase of my homes. Both deals were totally completed in less than three months. I would recommend the team.
— Linda Deloia, April 2015
Tim and Diana were great to work with and we would recommend them to anyone. They answered all of our questions and were very motivated to show us houses as fast as we found them.
— Rebecca Kosterin, April 2015
The Metropolitan Home Team and Especially Tim Murphy are a real Class Act. We were referred to Tim Murphy in 2011 after meeting several agents. We have now used him in 3 transactions. Both my wife and I had specific items in mind and a specific budget and Tim not only found us an ideal first home but helped us sell it and find the perfect second home when our family needs changed. He treated us with empathy and compassion and his work ethic shows that he not only cares about his clients and his profession but he is also passionate about what their company can do for their clients. The Metropolitan Home Team is not interested in the “quick sale” that some other agencies are. They truly care about their clients and want to build lasting relationships to provide any assistance in their home needs.

I have recommended Tim and the Metropolitan Home Team to both friends of mine as well as family.
— R Thiesen, Nov 2014
Tim was very strategic on pricing our home to sell, yet maximizing our overall profit. He offered helpful tips on getting our house ready and in the end sold our home in under 2 weeks – for just barely under asking price! We couldn’t have been happier and this allowed us to quickly turnaround and find our dream home without the stress of carrying two mortgages.

Tim was extremely patient with us throughout the search for our new home. My husband and I had different ideas of what we were looking and Tim worked with us to find a good compromise - in the end he helped us find the perfect home for both of us. Of course the house we fell in love with needed some work and was overpriced compared with others in the area. We didn’t want to lose the house, but needed to get a fair deal on it – that’s where Tim’s incredible negotiating skills came in. He went back and forth with the seller, pointing out things we never would have thought of, did a ton of research on the history of home prices in the area, and in the end got us the house for fair market value.
It is now a year later and we are amazed at how smooth and relatively low stress the entire process was. We would absolutely not be where we are today without Tim Murphy!
— Sam & Laura Ronlund
Tim had excellent service and response time on questions and concerns. He was very straight forward and honest with his opinion of the area, school district, location, etc. Tim had great knowledge of all areas in the Twin Cities Metro. He was not aggressive in putting us in an uncomfortable situation and gave us opinions with positive and negative feedback. Our overall experience was excellent and we found the exact home we were looking for!!!
— Andy and Jaime Ervasti

Mary Jo and I would like to thank you for the way you choreographed the sale of our house. Your prompt and courteous attention to our questions was always right on. We needed to hear you tell us to take the “dated” appearance out of our twenty year old dwelling and “de-clutter” it. I especially liked the insight you demonstrated with regard to the motivation of our home’s buyers during the final negotiations. All these components came together to make us feel like we were in the hands of a real pro. . . . and we were!
— Dan & Mary Jo Colvin
Tim and Diana continue to exceed all of our expectations! Last year they helped us sell our home in a very difficult market. This year it was time to buy. They listened to us and helped us define our specific requirements, then skillfully leveraged all of their assets to find exactly what we were looking for...without wasting our time. Their understanding of market conditions and fair market value combined with exceptional negotiation skills, attention to detail, back-end support and tireless communication helped us to secure our new home on Spring Lake. I would recommend this team to anyone looking for friendly, professional real estate support and guidance.
— Chuck & Deb Wilson - August 2017
Tim and Diana continue to exceed all of our expectations! Last year they helped us sell our home in a very difficult market. This year it was time to buy. They listened to us and helped us define our specific requirements, then skillfully leveraged all of their assets to find exactly what we were looking for...without wasting our time. Their understanding of market conditions and fair market value combined with exceptional negotiation skills, attention to detail, back-end support and tireless communication helped us to secure our new home on Spring Lake. I would recommend this team to anyone looking for friendly, professional real estate support and guidance.
— Colin & Megan Godfrey - December 2016
By offering candid insight and feedback throughout the home buying process, the Metropolitan Home Team demonstrated that their extensive experience and unique perspective make them a treat to work with. They answered the myriad questions that I threw their way in a concise and comprehensible manner.
— Jim & Siobhan Colvin - July 2016
Tim and Diana were incredible. After almost giving up multiple times, Tim found us the perfect place. They worked overtime, answering emails, texts, and phone calls to get us the house of our dreams. Tim’s experience was exactly what we needed to guide us through our first home purchase. He provided us his expert opinion while simultaneously guiding us to make decisions for ourselves. His connections in the community has been invaluable in helping make things easy and get contract work done even after we closed.
— Jo Barta & Karol Mudy - June 2016
Smart, professional, and ready to work for you. Available at all times of the day and night. Made my home buying experience a very positive one. I will be recommending the Metropolitan Home Team to my family and friends.
— Andy, February 2016
I had the best experience with my situation. They made it so easy as I was in for major surgery. Things went very smoothly and they got the best price for me.

Would definitely use them again and also recommend them to other friends
— Diane, January 2016
When I first started looking at homes online, Tim reached out to me 5 or 6 times within the first 3 days. That told me that he would be persistent and professional, so I returned his call. At first I wasn’t entirely sure we would be moving to the Twin Cities and Tim assured me that was ok and that he wanted to give me the right information about neighborhoods, etc. He told me I was not wasting his time, that’s what he’s there for. We looked at about 15 houses including houses at the very peak of my budget. He talked to me about what was important to me and my family and ultimately assisted me to find the best option. His negotiation skills and knowledge of the market/comp sales were fantastic. He pointed out potential pitfalls of homes we were looking at. I was really impressed. The response time to emails, calls and texts were always fast. RE/MAX agents are called “trusted advisors” and I saw firsthand how true that was! I’d recommend the Metropolitan Home Team to everyone looking for a great home buying experience. When it comes time to sell my house, I’m certain Tim Murphy will get it done right. Thanks Tim and Diana.
— Tracy Handt, January 2016
My husband and I had a wonderful experience working with Metropolitan Home Team when w purchased our first house and our second house. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, and very organized which made it very nice to work with them.
— Rachel B., June 2015
Living in Oregon and selling a house shouldn’t be an easy task. Taking a recommendation from our previous next door neighbors (whom Tim also sold their home) I know we made the right decision.

From the first time we “met” (I asked 3 realtors for a video call interview, he was the only one that did, without hesitation) to answering texts and emails well beyond what I would consider working hours, Tim and team are always there to help.

Tim also met with the renters that we had in the house beforehand, to work with them making their move out easier, as well as getting a better idea of any improvements that would be needed before selling. His team did a great job of staging the house and recommending cleaners and painters as well.

In a home sale, things can’t ever go 100% to plan, but Tim could be counted on to let us know about any bumps quickly, as well as provide solutions immediately. Our house sold within hours the first time that it went up, and days the second time. This was due to circumstances outside of our control, hence the first half of the paragraph.

If I lived in the area, I would certainly use Tim again. Living outside of the area, I would trust Tim and team to sell any properties I owned.
— Brian Keene, September 2015
Tim recommended a stager, who was wonderful, and helped us represent our home in the best possible way.

The first person to look at our townhouse bought it. We ended up having some issues with the buyer of the house, but Tim totally handled those issues, so we could just concentrate on getting ready to move into our new home. All things with the buyer worked out to everyone’s satisfaction.
— Val Strand, May 2015
My realtor was absolutely great, she was patient and helpful, always in contact, professional and friendly. She found the perfect home for the perfect price just for me!
— Sherri Schilling, Jan 2015
I would highly recommend the Metropolitan Home Team (especial Tim Murphy) for you home buying/selling experience. Tim was great to work with and always went above and beyond to make things easier for my wife and I. He was always responsive to our questions and always made sure to lay everything out in the simplest terms for us to understand.

Tim and Metropolitan Home Team have earned a customer for life and I would HIGHLY recommend them!
— Scotty Macker, Dec 2014
I just wanted to let you know that since we closed on the short sale last May, I have nearly completely repaired my credit!! I paid off my studedent loans and credit cards, which helped a lot. I am down to one credit card and a little left on my car loan. I have also taken out new student loans (that’s right...I went back to college to finish my BS degree). And today, I bought a brand new car using my own credit!! It feels great for the first time since the “condo mess” began. Thanks again for all you did for me. It truly helped me to turn my life back around. Hopefully this bit of good news will help ease other clients’ minds that you may have in similar situations.
— Beth Pemble

I Just wanted to take a minute to thank you again for your help in finding us a home in Apple Valley. Working with a client long distance presents it own set of challenges. You were able to work with us with limited time slots while we were in Minnesota this past summer. You always made the best of our time by being organized and having qualified properties arranged for our viewing.
— Dan and Karolyn Flom
Thanks again for helping me find this house! I appreciate all your efforts and advice along the way. You definitely would be a realtor I’d work with again. If you need a reference or want to stop by, please do anytime.
— Jeff Pace
It was a pleasure working with Tim Murphy of the Metropolitan Home Team at Re/Max Results. He took on a project for my family that had been lingering for some time and gave it a fresh new approach. Tim can be counted on to be direct, yet respectful and very helpful in nagivating all of the sometimes intricate details of closing on a property. He is bright, energetic and has a pleasant sense of humor, and keeps his client informed.

I highly recommend Tim Murphy to anyone looking for sound representation either buying or selling a home/property. I know I certainly would not hesitate in working with Tim again myself.
— Patricia Nott