Cleaner clean?

While it’s virtually impossible to avoid encountering any chemicals in our modern world, it’s easier than you think to lessen their presence in your Lakeville MN home…particularly when it comes to your cleaning products.  Here are a few simple, all natural swaps that will help make your home greener and cleaner: 

Baking Soda - Cleans, deodorizes, softens water and scours.  And it’s cheap!

Soap - Unscented soap in liquid, flake, powder or bar form is biodegradable and will clean just about anything.  Opt for vegetable based soaps (liquid castile, etc.) instead of ones that contain petroleum distillates.

Lemon –  One of the strongest food-acids, lemon is extremely effective against most household bacteria.

Borax(sodium borate)  - This powdered mineral cleans, deodorizes, disinfects and softens water.  It also cleans wallpaper, painted walls and floors.

White Vinegar – Excellent for grease cutting and removing mildew, odors, some stains and wax build-up.

Washing Soda (carbonate decahydrate) – Also known as SAL Soda, this mineral cuts grease, removes stains and softens water.  It can also be used to clean tiles and sinks (but do not use it on aluminum).

Hydrogen Peroxide – Known to be a natural bleaching agent, disinfectant and stain remover, this versatile liquid can be used for cleaning carpets, floors, windows, cutting boards, scrub brushes…just about everything!  You can also wash your fruits and veggies with it to remove dirt and pesticides.  Just add ¼ cup to a sink full of cold water, wash your produce and rinse thoroughly with cool water.

Cornstarch – Great for window cleaning, furniture polishing and shampooing rugs and carpets.

Going green is good, but saving money is even better.  Especially if there’s a move in your future! If you’re thinking about buying, selling or refinancing, please contact me today to learn about how I can help you prepare your home so it sells quicker and for more money.


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